Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Let´s get ready to date again.

When you decide to go back to the single life, and after you feel like you´re ready to start dating again, normally you start looking forward to meet new people.  First, you need to start by loving yourself, you would probably start going to the gym just to be in better fit, you will visit a beauty salon to be even more attractive.  Besides, you need to identify and embrace who you are, what you´re worth of, what kind of people you want to meet, in single words, you start getting ready to date.

But before you start dating, you have to start by getting to know people. To do so, there are lots of things you normally do. The normal route is to start with friends of friends. You know, there´s always a nice friend that worries about you and tries to introduce you to people they find good for you.

Another source for dating would come out from the typical places people hang out.  Either you look for some party people, in which case the source would be a bar, disco, concert, etc. or you can also go for smart, and try to meet people at the theatre, art galleries, libraries, book stores etc. 

What normally happens is that you start meeting lots of people, but most of the cases, these people are not the kind of people you look for.  Sometimes this people is no interesting what so ever, or worse, are interesting but not ready for you.
Well, when it´s about job seeking, it also starts the same way. As I have discussed before, either because you´re sick of your company of your company is lets you go, you find yourself trying to hunt for a job, and I´m not exaggerating, I do mean Hunting. Depending upon the country, the economic situation and your personal circumstances, hunting could be from “I´ll see what´s out there for me” to “Damn, I must have a job by the end of the month”. 

The first step is normally to embrace the “job seeking mode”, which means that you must be positive, interesting and tough.  You probably start by shaping up your CV, creating a set of reusable cover letters and most of all, trying to figure out who you are, what you´re worth, what you want and where do you want to be some years from now. Furthermore, you have to be prepared for tricky questions, different corporate cultures, even some creepy recruiters.  In single words, just as you must be prepared to meet all kinds of people while dating.

You start by doing your smart search, contacting your friends, ex coworkers, college mates and old bosses just to spread the word about your new status.  They would certainly give you some advice on companies that are hiring. It´s probable that some of your friends  tell you about an opportunity that´s just perfect for you. Social networks seems to be the “new black” for this purpose.

The second source of job opportunities, of course, are the job posting websites. Those are the places where all the companies looking for talent are, right?.  Well, exactly as it could happen with dating out of bars and order places, chances are that you find all kind of things and most of them are not interesting at all.

Depending upon what you are (office manager, product manager, developer, project manager, marketer) chances are that you find jobs that are entitled as your current position but have nothing to do with what you do.  Chances are that you will have to prepare yourself to date and date over and over again, either when you want to meet a new love or a new job, so, be patient, because it takes time.

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